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Take the Bang.


You've never read anything like this before...
INSTRUCTIONS: Dose as needed.
WARNING: Side effects may include increased heart rate, increase in libido, swelling, panting, pulsing, plus limitedly understood insatiable needs.
2023 Bang 1 Up Her Cover gold.png

Charlotte Prescott has just been offered a job. She doesn't know much about the pharmaceutical company other than her childhood friend and former neighbor, Elliot Crowe, is a scientist there. She's hoping to run into him. As a teen, he did save her life and she would like to properly thank the brainy geek whom she felt was hardly deserving of a kiss at the time. Charlotte, however, is soon going to learn that some geeks have more to offer than wishes for kisses and brains. Some geeks grow up to become sexy, smartass men. Get the eBook.

2023 Bang 2 Down Her Cover gold.png

Bang No. 2  

It was supposed to be easy for Jaxon Underwood: confront the girl you’ve loved your whole life and find out once and for all whether she loves you back. 

But getting answers from someone who’s been living in a world of hurt because of one little misunderstanding back in high school isn’t going to be as easy as Jaxon hoped. 

How can you force someone to face you when she won’t even look at you though you know, deep in your heart, she loves you, too? Get the eBook.

2023 Bang 3 FIX Her Cover gold.png

Bang No. 3  

Three. Three fixes... Take the Bang. 

Things are going awry for the Lords of NIM. Assets are being stolen and the boss’s chain of command is being threatened by a bully. But bullies are no match for men with brilliant minds and savage hearts, men who are willing to risk everything to keep their precious assets safe. So, bullies beware. Dontyne has a message for you... 

Nobody F*CKS with my girl.
Get the eBook .

2023 Bang 4 Grind Her Cover gold.png

Bang No. 4 

Four. Four words... Please accept my resignation. 

Handsome, filthy rich, an innovator, and a playboy—the rumors about Nicholas Rohr are true, including the ones about his dark obsessions. What’s truer is he has everything handed to him, and what he can’t have, he takes with the help of his friends. 

One of those friends, however, is tired of being taken advantage of. She has concluded the debt she owes Mr. Rohr for saving her life has been paid as she can no longer cope with a man who has been manipulating her, toying with her, crushing her every hope and dream that he might have some small inkling of affection for her. After everything she’s put up with for the whole of her adult life, there’s just no believing Nick Rohr has ever seen his assistant as anything other than one of his playthings, so she's moving on.

At least, that's what she thinks. Get the eBook.

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