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Vamp Empire Books

TRIGGER WARNING: Includes intimate group encounters and violence.

Welcome to a new age of old blood...

Vamp Lure, Dark Vampire Romance
Cain & Cassie

Here come the Bloody Billionaires…


Book 1. Cassie Bawler loves Vamp Trash—books about love and vampires. But when Cassie finally gets to meet a vampire, a man she thought was destined to be her new boss, Cassie gets caught in a hot mess of corporate mayhem that challenges everything she ever thought was true about blood suckers, who want to do more than just sink their fangs into her. Damn those bloody billionaires.


Includes threesomes and violence. 

Vamp Prey, Dark Vampire Romance

Book 2. Hamell Crass could be considered a stalker and a serial killer if it wasn't for the fact that he's a vampire, because Hamell doesn’t feed on just anyone. He likes to plot, plan, and play with his prey. Hamell is particularly partial to chasing after sexy and sumptuous women. But one woman is not playing fair. She keeps ruining the chase because she is plagued by something that makes her taste, smell, and behave different than other women. Of course, that won't stop Hamell, but he will need a new game if he wants to continue this chase and maybe even catch her.


Includes sexual group encounters.

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