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A troublesome outlaw.


A tyrant king.


A crossing of tumultuous pasts.


And a knight, tricked...


Hale: "Lady Claire," I say to myself as I march through the castle. Her name rolls off the tip of my tongue; I wonder what she tastes like. I doubt she’ll have a chance to make it out of her wedding dress before I pull at her golden hair while flipping up her gown. She’ll be screaming her first time, but it should only be the one time and I’ll be a good husband after that—maybe.


Rue: Sir Hale believes I am his betrothed. I missed the opportunity to send him and his king straight to hell, but I will not miss again. I'm not sure I want to kill Hale but once I learn more and get close enough, I won’t hesitate. By week’s end, they’ll both be dead. 


This is a standalone reverse Robin Hood retelling. All hail, Hell's Fire!


WARNING: Contains sensitive material.


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